Download of local database failed bluecoat

31 May Subscription databse fails in Bluecoat proxy SG version x, getting Downloaded from: Where with same version other proxy able to download successfuly.

Download log: Blue Coat download at: /07/31 + Downloading from ERROR: HTTP - Unauthorized Download failed.

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The Subscription Communication Status shows Blue Coat has 33 Update Errors. Cause. CAUSE:The Blue Coat Webfilter is failing to update. Answer/Solution.

12 Dec Blue Coat ProxySG Configuration and Management Guide .. SUSTAINED BY YOU OR THIRD PARTIES OR A FAILURE OF THE PROGRAM TO OPERATE WITH ANY Section F: Local Realm Authentication and Authorization filtering vendor, enable it, and schedule downloads of the database. ❐.

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You can create your own local database file and upload it to the SG Selecting Blue Coat Web Filter and Downloading the Database To configure Blue not consulted for categorization, or if the categorization process failed due to an error .

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alienvault-ossim/os-sim/ossim-mysql/db/plugins/ .. (,,13, NULL,2,2,'Blue Coat: Download of Local database failed','',);.

Blue Coat and ProxySG are registered trademarks of Blue Coat Systems, Inc. . downloads of the Websense Master Database and establish filtering policies. .. (SGOS 5.x only) If you enable Local Database, select a Lookup mode: ▫.